It’s definitely starting to feel like spring in the Pacific Northwest. The sun is even peeking through the clouds from time to time. Things continue to look bright at Juniper Capital too. We’ve been so busy, I almost forgot about Kerry’s Corner. Of all the meetings and connections we’ve made recently, a couple events come immediately to mind. In March, I attended an SMBA dinner at Broadmoor Golf Club and then, at the beginning of April, I went to an eventful RMA meeting featuring economist Michael J. Parks.

Broadmoor is the usual meeting location for SMBA dinner functions. It boasts a beautiful secluded atmosphere amid a stunning golf course. We mingled with many different mortgage bankers, chatting with newly-made friends and acquaintances we met on our weekly business visits. The food and dinner service during the event was sensational. I particularly want to give huge kudos to Seattle Mayor Ed Murray, the keynote speaker for the evening. He had spent all day dealing with the devastating KOMO helicopter crash and he still managed to attend our meeting to speak. Mayor Murray answered important questions and gave assurance that eminent domain of mortgages that are secured on properties whose values are less than the mortgage owing will not happen. There was a big round of applause following his answer to that question.

(Everybody at Juniper Capital would like to send our condolences to the families, friends, and loved ones of those involved in the tragic KOMO helicopter accident and the Oso mudslide. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.)

The RMA meeting on April 1 was held on a beautiful day, so it was hard to be inside networking. However, the company of my co-worker, Juniper Vice President Jeromy Salvesen, and numerous complimentary drinks helped to make the night fun.

As we sat through dinner, we listened to economist Michael Parks provide information on the health of our economy and real estate in Washington and throughout the U.S. in general. Parks was comparing and contrasting our economy to other global leaders, indicating that the recovery from the financial hit of 2007 is the slowest return we have experienced and we are still experiencing a lagging upswing. Obviously, this is not shocking news, as it’s something we continue to see and feel in one way or another. It can be a reminder though that we are still on track. It’s just taking more time to recover than anticipated.

Jeromy and I met some great people at the RMA dinner, as well as connected with old friends and acquaintances. The event was held at the Washington Athletic Club, and the dinner and service were great, as usual.

The month of May should bring more memorable events and connections involving private money loans in Seattle and beyond. I hope to see you at the SMBA Income Property Lunch at the Seattle Harbor Club on Thursday, May 1, 2014. Jeromy will be with me. We are both looking forward to an excellent discussion. Read our blog about the event for more details.

Kerry Travers
Juniper Capital
Vice President of Marketing

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