Halloween is upon us, meaning an onslaught of candy, costumes, premature Christmas decorations, and people seeking frights through haunted houses and horror movie marathons. For those new to it, alternative financing can seem just as intimidating, but that’s where the similarities end. Here’s a short list of the misconceptions around Halloween and hard money lending, and why it should be the one thing that doesn’t spook you this holiday season.

Both are perceived as scary

We’re not going to wear masks and pop out from behind corners to scare you. At Juniper Capital, we’re sophisticated real estate experts that provide opportunities to individuals and entities when conventional lenders can’t. While we appreciate a good horror movie as much as the next person, alternative financing shouldn’t be treated like Halloween. We’re here to help you get reasonable rates and close on your property investments quickly.

Both are shrouded in mystery

Sorry to those aspiring Sherlock Holmes: there’s no mystery with us and what we provide to the borrower, especially if you’ve done your research. As you would with a conventional lender, educate yourself and vet out your potential lender. We offer hard money loans, bridge loans, and private money lending solutions for real estate investments across the Pacific Northwest, and by using your online account, you can see account information and analytics at anytime of the day.

Both are considered tricky

The age-old idea of trick or treating comes from the early Middle Ages, where children — and even adults — would perform songs door-to-door in exchange for food and money. With that morphing into kids going around the neighborhood and filling pillowcases with Snickers and candy corn, performances have become a thing of the past, and don’t expect tricks from us, either. We’re not going to convince you into doing something you don’t want to, and we’re certainly not going to demand that you sing.

Both involve treats

The only thing we have in common with Halloween is that we do provide a treat, and one that won’t send you running for the gym: funding your loan request when others won’t. Don’t be scared, and when you gather up the courage to contact a hard money lender, make sure you call Juniper Capital.