Even with the ups and downs handed to all of us these last 22 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve become better at accepting and acting upon the need for change. Throughout the last two years, as a community and within our business, we’ve realized both resilience and success. And like the projects we’ve funded throughout this COVID era, we’re still standing and we’re stronger for it.

Taking the road less traveled is what we’re all about: Juniper has always been adept at removing obstacles for our clients and we do the same for ourselves. The work we do day in and out prepared us well for navigating the circumstances in this COVID-morphing world: We find a way.

Rather than the previously anticipated “return to normal,” we recognize there may only be a “next to normal” or maybe even “no normal.” We also know this: People will always seek places to work, eat/drink, shop, and stay/live. The scale of each and the venue format may shift, but as humans, we are always going to live in a community, in a world that demands goods and services.

This demand is evidenced by the activity of our clients over the past two years, and we celebrate their resilience as much as our own. We’ve helped them to realize apartment acquisitions, hotel purchases, refinances and renovations, spec homes, mixed-use developments, even to fund the construction of a sports complex, and so much more—all during COVID. Juniper has demonstrated it is adaptable for its clients and can deliver successful results even during this pivotal time.

Great things can happen in the face of adversity. Few realize that Juniper was one of the first groups to invest in the cannabis industry when everyone cautioned it was high risk and the business wouldn’t last. Where others shied away, Juniper followed the logic and viability of an emerging industry.  The market eventually adapted and the industry gained mass appeal as an investment opportunity, but this example shows it takes vision and innovation (and patience!) to affect change.

The past two years, we’ve observed how the mortgage industry has been adopting technology to streamline processes; there have also been interesting bundles of online real estate services from tech companies (and substantial lessons for them, as a result). At the same time, we continue to see opportunities for investors to obtain funding more readily through offerings from alternative, non-bank lending sources. While traditional lending sources are extremely cautious to fund commercial real estate deals in murky economic times, our phones keep on ringing.

We recognize that going into 2022, we embrace whatever it shapes up to be. The market for real estate investors may have posed challenges in the past two years; what has not, however, is that good investors won’t quit just because the circumstances shift. The nimblest will navigate adversity, adjust their strategies, and persevere. Opportunities await those willing to adapt.

From our families to yours, we wish you a peaceful and prosperous holiday season and a very Happy New Year.

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